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Q. Does Multibase support Excel 2003 ?

A. Multibase does not support Excel 2003 and its previous versions. Excel2007 can be used but some graphs may be distorted. Excel 2010 or 2013 are desirable

Q. How is Multibase removed from Excel Add-in ?

A. To remove Multibase from Excel Add-in, click "File", "options", "Add-ins" and "Go ...." in turn. When the dialog box opens, check off "Multibase 2015" and click "OK".

How to use

Q. How are dependent variables (Y) defined for PLS?

A. Dependent variables can be assigned at "Sample" tab in Method and Preparation dialog box. Choose dependent variables in the list and click "Set as Variable(Y)", then they will be recognized as Y.

Q. What is PLS-EDA?

A. PLS-EDA is original analytical tool of Multibase. It is based on O-PLS algorithm but enhances separation of two categories.

Q. How are the colors of graphs determined ?

A. The colors of graphs are inherited from the cell colors of the preparation sheet. When you change the cell colors, the colors of graphs will be changed. (You have to regenerate graphs again.)

Q. I cannot show the Box Whisker plot.

A. To draw Box Whisker plot, prior categorization is necessary. Categorization can be done at "Method and Preparation". Detail information can be obtained from "help".

I have a data with 65163 rows and 64 columns. Can Multibase deals with such a big data?

A. Multibase can handle 30,000 variables and 1,000 samples. However since more than 1,000 variables put an extra load on a computer, you should gradually increase the number of variables.


Q. Multibase stops calculation with "overflow" error.

A. The variables whose values are all zero destabilize calculation. They should be removed in advance on Variable page in "Method and Preparation" dialog box.

Q. An error "Object doesn't support this property or method" appeared when PCA started.

A. We haven't reached the cause. Some Excel version seem not to work properly.


Q. How do I refer Multibase when I publish a paper.

A. Please write "Cluster analysis (or PCA, PLS analysis) was performed using the Excel add-in Multibase package (Numerical Dynamics, Japan)".




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