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Example 1 - Working with Food and Drink Consumption
A data set we will study is food and drink consumption. The aim of this investigation is to see how food and drink consumption patterns varies in different countries and to learn the basic functions of Multibase, which includes data normalization and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). To start with, please download the Sample1.xlsx.

Open Food and Drink Consumption Data File.

This file includes food and drink consumption for 27 countries. You can see country names (samples) in the first column and food and drink names (variables) in the first row.

Data Preparation
Since Multibase recognizes data area by defining sample and variable name areas, you have to let Multibase know where sample and variable names are. Click gAdd-Insh tab, and click gMultibase2015h and gOpen Formh.

When Navigator opens, click "Start (Method and Preparation)".
(When you get lost , "Help" will show you how to proceed.)

When Method and preparation dialog box opens, drag from Whiskey (gB1h) to Wine (gG1h) , and then click gSet Valiable Rangeh, then g$B$1:$G$1h will be set in Variables frame
Next, you need to set the area of sample names. To obtain sample name area, drag the cells in the sheet, then click "Set Sample Range". The address, for example $A$3:$A$29, will appear in the sample frame if it is recognized successfully. The area cannot be recognized if more than one rows or columns are selected.

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