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What is Multibase?

  • Multibase provides a set of powerful, graphical statistical tools for scientists, researchers,or engineers. It includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Partial Least Squares (PLS), Cluster Analysis, Box-Whisker Plot, ROC curve, and several data-mining tools. Within a few clicks, your data will be converted into valuable information and you will get the solutions you want.
  • Multibase is an Excel Add-In program, which can directly process Excel data without any troublesome conversions. Once you install Multibase into your computer, your Excel environment will be dramatically improved.
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) attempts to simplify the distributions of samples and identify the underlying factors that explain the pattern of variable and sample correlations. Understanding of similarity or dissimilarity of samples using extracted factors is much easier than using unprocessed data. When samples are assigned into some categories (or groups) in advance, the distributions of the categories will be shown with ellipses. Comparing sample scatter plot (Score) with variable one (Loadings), the significant variables which contribute sample distribution can be easily identified.
  • PCA
  • PLS Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA) is performed in order to sharpen the separation of categories. It is based on a classical PLS regression, where the response variables are replaced by the set of dummy variables. The dummy variables are defined in such a way that their weights are one and independent (orthogonal) each other. The accuracy of model can be evaluated by permutation validations as shown below.
  • PLS
  • Variable screening is the process which finds variables, which contribute to separation of two categories. Multibase executes t-test for all variables and identifies variables that separate two categories significantly. Multibase sorts those variables in order of p-values and shows them with Box-Whisker plots and ROC curves.
  • ROC


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